About SAN Solutions

SAN Solutions Inc. was founded in 1998 to meet the media industry's emerging need for specialized, customized shared storage and file system technologies. The company's early innovations grew out of the requirements of video, post production and animation applications, building on technologies that today serve as the industry standards for storage and connectivity. In the 11 years since its launch, SAN Solutions has applied this experience and technical expertise to the creation of reference implementations for media storage infrastructures that support a wide range of applications and workflows.

Continuing a history of innovation in infrastructure development, SAN Solutions today architects, implements, and supports enterprise-class network storage infrastructures that revolutionize the workflow and management of media throughout a studio, newsroom, or post-production facility. With its proven methodology, the Reno, Nev.-based company develops best-of-breed solution sets tailored and tested to meet the requirements of ingest, production, post-production, media transformation, digital asset management, content delivery, and archive applications. SAN Solutions has implemented such solutions for leading media companies including CBS, Fox, Lucasfilm, NBC, and Sony, and with the company's ongoing support, these and other sites evolve dynamically to meet the needs of the customer, its operations, and its business strategy.



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