SAN Solutions Inc. Launches SAN Metro Media™ At NAB 2014

Unveils First Ultra-Low Latency Cloud for Mission Critical Media

LAS VEGAS — April 9, 2014 — SAN Solutions Inc., for over 16 years a leading provider of reliable high-performance and scalable storage solutions for studios, has launched SAN Metro Media™, the Ultra-low Latency Cloud for Media. This cloud platform extends your studio infrastructure to the cloud with the same performance, reliability and scalability as an on premise implementation.

SAN Metro Media™ is a completely new type of cloud platform designed from the ground up for Media and Entertainment. It’s dedicated to providing content creators the cloud platform required for full resolution file-based workflows that support production, post-production, broadcast, distribution, archival and the monetization of media.

A SAN Metro Media™ cloud platform will integrate directly into an existing studio workflow through a private, secure, high bandwidth, ultra-low latency network for storage and digital video. The platform can be configured as a private or semi-private platform off the public Internet and at the same time is capable of delivering content securely to resources across the web. This elastic platform offers classes of storage resources: production, near-line, object- based, archive and deep archive, with performance equivalent to an in-house implementation.

"SAN Solutions wanted to address these rapidly evolving requirements for studios, content creators, and media workflow application providers who look to the cloud for solutions," said Harry Aine, president and CEO of SAN Solutions. "The SAN Metro Media™ cloud solution comes with the promise of scalable compute and storage resources with a pay-as-you-go subscription price model. Our cloud solution is focused on the very specific requirements of workflows for film and TV executives, media management application developers and professional consulting service providers to the M&E market."

What makes SAN Metro Media™ a game changer? It’s the network. SAN Metro Media™ extends the cloud to the studio’s front door with its SMM Ultra-Connect™ circuit. SMM Ultra-Connect™ is a dedicated, secure direct connect, ultra-low latency, multi-network circuit from the customers site back to one of SAN Metro Media’s™ datacenters in each metropolitan location. It provides the physically insolated, off-the-internet level of network security from the studio to the SAN Metro Media private or hybrid cloud platform that many content creators require and expect. Each SMM Ultra-Connect™ circuit can support up to 32 multiplexed channels from the client site to the datacenter. Today, these channels can be 1Gb or 10Gb Ethernet, 8Gb or 16Gb Fibre Channel, or HD-SDI digital video connections. If each channel is 10Gb Ethernet, that translates to a bandwidth capacity of 320Gb from the customer’s studio to the local SAN Metro Media datacenter per circuit. Deployed SMM Ultra-Connect™ circuits today are future proofed because they will be able to be upgraded in the field to higher performance connections as technology evolves. For redundancy or additional performance today, multiple SMM Ultra- Connect™ circuits can be deployed between the customer’s studio and the local SAN Metro Media™ datacenter.

At the metro data center the SMM Ultra-Connect™ is directly connected to the same enterprise class storage and compute that SAN Solutions has been providing for 14 years. This provides the same inherent security of dedicated servers and isolated networks that has worked for M&E for many years and combines it with the performance required to support full resolution media workflows.

How does this change the game? Because the SMM Ultra-Connect™ circuit is so fast, applications running on client machines at the studio cannot distinguish between storage running on-premise versus storage running in the SAN Metro Media™ datacenter. So your editors, colorists, sound engineers, all your creative teams can work just like they do today except now your full resolution media is in cloud with all the benefits that brings.

Key benefits of the SAN Metro Media™ Cloud:

  • Easy collaboration across the metro area
  • Reduces financial risk
  • OPEX not CAPEX
  • Match your costs to your revenues
  • Priced as a subscription
  • Pay as you go, minimize your financial risk
  • Reduce time to market
  • Simple, transparent costs and billing
  • Drive innovation, experiment with new technology and business plans
  • Expertise at all levels, supported by customer call centers

The SAN Metro Media™ is rolling out the platform in Los Angeles and New York City and will extend in other metro regions later this year.

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