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Next Generation of Media Infrastructure
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ArtiSANThe ArtiSAN product family is a fully integrated line of media optimized storage and application platforms that form a solid foundation for all of your file based workflow requirements.

The ArtiSAN Product Family  

Storage Platforms

5200 Series - Low Cost Performer

5400 Series - Ultimate Workhorse

9400 Series - Unsurpassed Performance

Application Platforms

2000 Series - Stornext MDC, SAN Gateway, Archive Controller

4000 Series - Video Disk Recorder, Media Processors

6000 Series- GPU Accelerated Media Processors

  Key Features
  • Video Post
  • Film Post
  • Audio Post
  • On-set Dailies
  • Integrated Content Archives
  • Content Distribution and Delivery
  • Video Capture and Layback
  • Transcoding Environments
  • Quality Assurance
  • Broadcast Distribution
  • Digital Media
  • Production Faciilties
  • Government Solutions