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Stornext and Xsan Metadata Controller

The StorNext file system is now widely accepted as the file system of choice for high performance, shared storage in post production and broadcast environments. Ported to Linux, Windows, and Apple OS X (Xsan), the Stornext file system allows for cross-platform, direct access to media files from any client machine that is attached andprovisioned to ArtiSAN Fibre Channel or ArtiSAN pureSAS™ storage arrays.

StorNext streamlines the file-based workflow. As a distributedfile system, editing, processing, or simply playing back a media file can bedone as the file is being ingested. Instead of passing a file from client machine to client machine, a single stored file can be directly accessed concurrently by multiple users. This eliminates file copy time, the excess storage capacity requirement of duplicate files, and removes the file management concern of the last updated version is inclusive of all the cumulative changes.

  • State of the Art, Enterprise class platform
  • Compact 1RU design
  • Intel Westmere Dual Hex CPU
  • SSD System Disks
  • Designed for optimal StorNext and Xsan deployments
  • Unlimited Xsan and Stornext Clients Can be Utilized
  • Any combination of Apple, Linux, and Windows clients
  • Standard 3 year Warranty and Stornext Support
  • 8Gb Fibre Channel OR 6Gb(4x) SAS Host Bus Adapters
  • SAN Solutions' pureSAS™ certified
  • Dual redundant and hot swappable power supplies and cooling
  • Lights-Out Management (LOM)
  • Ethernet technology designed for minimum latency on Intel Xeon Westmere technology
  • High availability MDC pair configuration (optional, but recommended)
  • Supports distributed LAN gateway functionality for StorNext distributed LAN client connectivity (Windows and Linux)
  • Supports optional Quantum HSM, advanced replication, and deduplication services
  • Installation, professional services, on-site support, and call-home options are available
  • Available configurations-
    MDC-2710 Single server, Linux OS
    MDC-2720 Highly available cluster Linux OS
    MDC-2730 Single server, Windows OS
    MDC-2740 Highly available cluster Windows OS
  • Operating System
    Linux RHEL, 64-bit
    Windows 2008, R2 64-bit
  • CPU – Dual Hex Intel Westmere
  • Boot Drive- 80 GB SSD with Flash Protect™
  • 24Gb/sec 6Gb SAS Implementations
  • Quantum StorNext Version - V4.1 or higher
  • Number of Quantum StorNext or Xsan clients – Unlimited
  • Number of Quantum StorNext or Xsan clients – Unlimited
  • SAN Storage - Open system
  • ArtiSAN Certified Arrays - 5412 / 5424 / 9412 / 9424
  • Storage connection options
    Dual 6Gb SAS (4-lane)
    Dual 8Gb Fibre Channel
  • Quantum Storage Manager – Optional
  • Quantum SAN Replication - Optional
  • Hardware support included - 3-Year advance parts replacement
  • StorNext support included - 3-Year silver level, optional upgrade
  • Dimensions –
    1.75""H / 19"W / 24"D
    44.5mm H / 482mm W / 610mm D

Professional Service Offerings

  • Xsan to StorNext migration
  • Storage requirements assessment
  • Storage infrastructure design
  • Implementation and optimization
  • Call home
  • 24/7 support
  • On-site support and training
  • Proof of concept
  Key Features
  • Video Post
  • Film Post
  • Audio Post
  • On-set Dailies
  • Integrated Content Archives
  • Content Distribution and Delivery
  • Video Capture and Layback
  • Transcoding Environments
  • Quality Assurance
  • Broadcast Distribution
  • Digital Media
  • Production Faciilties
  • Government Solutions