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Next Generation Media Infrastructure

SAN Solutions ArtiSAN storage platforms represent the next generation of media storage infrastructure designed to suit today's needs and tomorrows expansion. ArtiSAN storage platforms are selected to meet every price point, performance, or capacity requirement.

The latest 8Gb Fibre Channel, 6Gb SAS and interface technology combined with 6Gb SAS backplane performance along with superb RAID technology improves performance, flexibility, scalability and low power consumption while maintaining simplicity and affordability. The ArtiSAN storage platform maintains high reliability and data availability with redundant components, automated path failover and extensive online administration capabilities in order to keep your data and your organization productive 24x7.

ArtiSAN 5400/9400 series of media optimized storage platforms form a solid foundation for all of your file based workflow requirements.

The ArtiSAN Storage Platform Family

5400 Series - Ultimate Workhorse

9400 Series - Unsurpassed Performance

  Key Features
  • Video Post
  • Film Post
  • Audio Post
  • On-set Dailies
  • Integrated Content Archives
  • Content Distribution and Delivery
  • Video Capture and Layback
  • Transcoding Environments
  • Quality Assurance
  • Broadcast Distribution
  • Digital Media
  • Production Faciilties
  • Government Solutions