SAN Metro Media

The Ultra-low Latency Cloud for Media

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The SAN Metro Media cloud platform includes best of breed media products, services, and support.

Together, these offerings can be combined or bundled, to form the complete solution sets to store content and complete the end-to-end media processing.

Products and services that reside at the metro datacenter are referred to as "Core-Side" services and at the client side, "Client-Side" services.


The Core-Side offerings can be divided into four major product classes:

  • Media Sotrage and Compute Infrastructure
  • Media Management
  • Media Processing
  • Media Distribution and Exchange


The Client-Side offerings can be divided into four major product and services classes:

  • SMM Ultra-Connect Products and Deployment Services
  • Workflow Service
  • Creative Services
  • Corporate Strategic Services
  Key Features
  • A Cloud Platform designed for Media
  • Open Cloud Platform — Best of Breed Storage, Media Applications, Progressional Services and Support
  • Private or Hybrid Enterprise Cloud Platform
  • Secure point-to-point ultra-low latency connection from the studio to the platform through-out the metro region
  • Core-Side and Client-Side Products and Support
  • Secure High Performance Private Cloud - Off Internet
  • Supports Current Workflows and Applications
  • Expertise at all levels