SAN Metro Media

The Ultra-low Latency Cloud for Media

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What Metro Regions Are Supported?

SAN Metro Media is being deployed today in Los Angeles and New York City metropolitan areas. Offerings for other direct metro regions throughout the United States, Europe and Asia are being deployed.

Is SAN Metro Media an open platform?

Customers or third party application developers are free to implement custom solutions on top of the SAN Metro Media infrastructure. For example, a custom application could be created that requires very specific storage configuration, ingest services (including WAN accelerated transfers from mobile devices,) media asset management, transcoding and delivery services. The application developer could develop the user interface, custom workflow processes and configurations and quickly go to market in a metro region using the SAN Metro Media cloud platform and subscription billing services.

  Key Features
  • A Cloud Platform designed for Media
  • Open Cloud Platform — Best of Breed Storage, Media Applications, Progressional Services and Support
  • Private or Hybrid Enterprise Cloud Platform
  • Secure point-to-point ultra-low latency connection from the studio to the platform through-out the metro region
  • Core-Side and Client-Side Products and Support
  • Secure High Performance Private Cloud - Off Internet
  • Supports Current Workflows and Applications
  • Expertise at all levels