SAN Metro Media

The Ultra-low Latency Cloud for Media

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SAN Metro Media is a new cloud platform class dedicated to providing content creators the cloud platform required for file-based workflows

SAN Metro Media supports production, post-production, distribution, archival, and the monetization of media. With SAN Metro Media, content can be ingested, verified, stored, indexed, edited, manipulated, transcoded, delivered and archived in any resolution including uncompressed cinema formats to 8k and digital video in any format and bitrate. With SAN Metro Media media management applications offerings, automated file-based workflows can be defined and preformed all within the cloud.

San Metro Media extends the cloud to the studio's front door with its SMM Ultra-Connect circuit.

SMM Ultra-Connect is a dedicated, secure direct connect, ultra-low latency, multi-network circuit from the customers site back to one of SAN Metro Media's datacenters in each metropolitan location. It provides the physically isolated, off-the-internet level of network security from the studio to the SAN Metro Media private or hybrid cloud platform that many content creators require and expect.

Because the SMM Ultra-Connect circuit is so fast, applications running on client machines at the studio cannot distinguish between storage running on-premise versus storage running in the SAN Metro Media datacenter.

With the support of multiple HD-SDI streams across the SMM Ultra-Connect circuit, video and audio connections to a router in the customer's studio are possible. This allows workflows that include video-to-file based ingest at the datacenter and video level quality control in the studio. For broadcasters, this video link can provide the returned confidence feed they require.

With SMM Ultra-Connect, efficient workflow collaboration throughout a metro region is now possible. By employing circuits between each partner's facility and the local SAN Metro Media dataccenter, the customer can provision and share their high-performance storage, compute platforms, and media applications assigned to a project. This translates to less duplication of required resources, less logistical time, higher security, and ultimately a shorter time to market.

Each SMM Ultra-Connect circuit can support up to 32 multiplexed channels from the client site to the datacenter. Today, these channels can be 1Gb or 10Gb Ethernet, 8Gb or 16Gb Fibre Channel, or HD-SDI digital video connections. If each channel is 10Gb Ethernet, that translates to a bandwidth capacity of 320Gb from the customer's studio to the local SAN Metro Media datacenter per circuit.

Deployed SMM Ultra-Connect circuits today are future proofed because they will be able to be upgraded in the field to higher performance connections as technology evolves. For redundancy or additional performance today, multiple SMM Ultra-Connect circuits can be deployed between the customer's studio and the local SAN Metro Media datacenter.