SAN Metro Media

The Ultra-low Latency Cloud for Media

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Subscription-Based Commerce Model

SAN Metro Media's best of breed partners provide products and services in each of the classes that are then offered to SAN Metro Media's customers on a subscription-based commerce model. This purchase model allows SAN Metro Media's customers to consume the offerings as an operation expense (OPEX), pay-as-you-go basis rather than a capital expense (CAPEX) basis.

Each product class in Core-Side and Client-Side offerings has its own product catalog, multiple rate plans, and a professional service offering. Bundled subscription offerings across product classes are provided to create complete solutions for the SAN Metro Media customer.

Understand your charges

Products and services that are implemented within the Core-Side infrastructure are required to report usage metrics every 12 hours. These metrics are then processed against a SAN Metro Media's customer's subscription plan so that updated usage and a month-to-date accrued charges can be reported back to the customer. This way, the customer always knows on a daily basis where they stand financially in the billing cycle.

  Key Features
  • A Cloud Platform designed for Media
  • Open Cloud Platform — Best of Breed Storage, Media Applications, Progressional Services and Support
  • Private or Hybrid Enterprise Cloud Platform
  • Secure point-to-point ultra-low latency connection from the studio to the platform through-out the metro region
  • Core-Side and Client-Side Products and Support
  • Secure High Performance Private Cloud - Off Internet
  • Supports Current Workflows and Applications
  • Expertise at all levels