Video Production SAN

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SAN Solutions' Video Production SAN environments fully support all professional video applications on any platform, providing direct and simultaneous access to the media at native or high resolution. Supported platforms include:

Final Cut Pro Avid Media Composer Adobe CS
Digital Rapids Decklink Blackmagic Aja Kona
Building4Media Maya Pipeline


Depending on the application set, file sharing across the Video Production SAN is accomplished in either of two ways:

  • The volume-lock methodology enables users to read each other’s media but allows only one user write on any given drive volume.
  • Use of a distributed file system enables users to read each other’s media but allows only one user to write on any given folder.

All SAN Solutions Video Production SAN environments seamlessly support Apple, Windows, and Linux in any workstation/server combination. Centralized management tools simplify complex storage management tasks, such as dynamic provisioning of storage for new projects and archiving of projects to removable media, to reduce the potential for error in handling multiple simultaneous projects and provide a safe, secure environment for critical customer assets.


SANs are inherently more secure than their LAN-sharing, NAS-attached, server-based counterparts because all users stream media assets from central storage and write back to the same central location. This workflow uses drive space more efficiently and, by retaining only one copy of each asset, simplifies the tracking of data movement. Dynamic job provisioning allows media managers to assign project-based access privileges to individuals or groups. Multiple clients can be managed on the same system to create facilitywide job provisioning.

  Key Features
  • Non-disruptive Storage Provisioning
  • Meets any performance and capacity requirements
  • Supports all major video applications
  • Scales to accommodate more than 60 simultaneous workstations
  • Supports up to 300 streams
  • Offers cross-platform support for Apple OS, Windows, and Linux
  • Provides centralized, secure streaming environment
  • Supports all video codecs at any bit rate
  • Supports all uncompressed formats at any color space
  • Offers creative flexibility through shared environment
  • Automates key storage management tasks
  • Automatic call-home repair
Proven Performance

For many years, SAN Solutions’ Video Production SAN environments have been in daily operation at world-class facilities such as:

  • FOX Sports Graphics, Promo, and Production
  • Florida State University Film School
  • Saturday Night Live
  • Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
  • Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien
  • KPIX-TV San Francisco
  • CW Network Sharing