Video Production SAN


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All SAN Solutions environments feature comprehensive standard three-year support packages including:

Automatic Call-Home Repair
All major storage and networking subsystems call home to a U.S.-based network operations center, from which the correct replacement part and/or a service engineer are automatically dispatched to any major city in the world within four hours.

Advanced Case Management
SAN Solutions debugs the SAN system to discover the root cause of real-world operational and technical issues such as application interoperability, software driver support, and similarly demanding problems.

Personalized Customer Portal
Secure Web-based customer portals facilitate case management, provide site documentation, and offer access to SAN Solutions’ knowledge base.

  Key Features
  • Non-disruptive Storage Provisioning
  • Meets any performance and capacity requirements
  • Supports all major video applications
  • Scales to accommodate more than 60 simultaneous workstations
  • Supports up to 300 streams
  • Offers cross-platform support for Apple OS, Windows, and Linux
  • Provides centralized, secure streaming environment
  • Supports all video codecs at any bit rate
  • Supports all uncompressed formats at any color space
  • Offers creative flexibility through shared environment
  • Automates key storage management tasks
  • Automatic call-home repair
Proven Performance

For many years, SAN Solutions’ Video Production SAN environments have been in daily operation at world-class facilities such as:

  • FOX Sports Graphics, Promo, and Production
  • Florida State University Film School
  • Saturday Night Live
  • Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
  • Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien
  • KPIX-TV San Francisco
  • CW Network Sharing