SAN Solutions Service and Support

Enhancing Solution Sets through Integrated Support

SAN Solutions' Support Plans enable customers to increase productivity, reduce total cost of ownership, and avoid or delay new system purchases. Architectures implemented by SAN Solutions support upgrades in both capacity and performance, therefore avoiding unnecessary forklift replacement.

What separates a truly valuable solution from the rest is what happens when it breaks. All products look good when they work. Responsiveness and resolving issues to root-cause are indicators of a quality support team. The SAN Solutions support infrastructure is designed from the ground up to meet this challenge. Our effective system monitoring, trace collection, and accurate fact analysis eliminates finger pointing between manufacturers and hastens resolution.

SAN Solutions’ support infrastructure ensures that, as applications and open operating systems advance, and new customer performance and capacity requirements arise, the system is supported in a way that effectively extends it’s useful life. This extension is achieved by meeting growing performance and scaling demands while remaining interoperable with system changes.

Bottom line: SAN Solutions support offerings increase customer return on investment in their infrastructure.

SAN Solutions comprehensive standard support package includes:

  • Automatic Call Home Break-fix - All major storage and networking subsystems call home to a worldwide Network Operations Center (NOC). Local stocking depots supply parts to customers site’s worldwide which are then installed and configured by local SAN Solutions customer engineers. Optional internet access through virtual private network configurations enhances this level of support and accelerates time to problem resolution.
  • Tiered Support Infrastructure - SAN Solutions has created a tiered support structure designed to address customer’s issues rapidly and resolve engineering problems to root-cause. All support levels are managed by SAN Solutions under one umbrella support system covering all the manufactures that make up a solution set. SAN Solutions provides customers with a simple, one-call, tiered approach to system service and support for its entire solution set.

Level 1 – problem identification and break-fix resolution.
Level 2 – system level debug and root cause analysis.
Level 3 – system/component patches and bug fix.

  • Advanced Case Management - SAN Solutions exclusive case management system effectively documents, tracks, and communicates the resolution steps and status of SAN Solutions support cases. Key contact information is readily available via telephone or web access 7 days a week, 24-hrs per day. Debug information and technical traces are easily sharable between SAN Solutions support engineers and our partners to facilitate rapid resolution of even the most difficult issues. Searchable knowledge base documents are created and are available to customers as common issues are discovered and resolved. Cases can be initiated via the web portal, phone, or email.
  • Personalized Customer Portal – customers are assigned secure web-based customer portals to manage cases and provide site documentation. The Customer Portal also features an engineering contact list, and easy access to SAN Solutions Knowledge base. This generalized knowledge base draws on resolutions from SAN Solutions entire installation base. Customers benefit greatly from our commonly deployed solution sets.

Customer Service: +1.866.669.2044

  • Flexibility of support infrastructure assures interoperability as system changes
  • Responsiveness in resolving root-cause of problem
  • Increased productivity, reduced total cost of ownership, and avoidance or delay with new system purchases